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7" Mini-Trencher


Lightweight mini-trencher designed for ease of operation, maneuverability and versatility. Easily loaded, unloaded and operated by one person. With a wide variety of uses; such as burying cables or pipes, pruning roots, removing stumps, installing invisible dog fences, sprinkler systems, edging, and defining landscape beds.


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Engine 200cc Honda GX
Rotor Points Tungsten Carbide
Max. Trench Depth 7"
Max. Trench Width 2"
Rate Up to 20 ft/min
Drive Double Belt and Pulley System
Wheels Steel w/ pneumatic tires
Weight 140 lbs.
• Rotors are fully enclosed for safety
• Low profile for maximum stability
• Standard clay hood reduces soil build up
• Minimal turf damage
• Clutch level cuts power to rotor for safety
• Remove one nut to change rotors







Clay Rotor

Clay Rotors (2 or 3 Point)

Used for burying wires, cable or edging (plastic, steel or other materials). The 3 Point rotor is also used for installing sprinkler systems.

Bed Master Rotor

Bedmaster Rotor

Uses different sized rotors to dig 3", 4" or 5" deep and slopes 6" to 8" back into bed. The 3" is designed for bed defining and the 4" and 5" are designed for installing steel or plastic edging, bricks, paving stones or other edging materials.

Rain Drain Rotor

Rain Drain Rotor

Used to bury 4" drain line in order to divert water from gutter downspouts away from the house. Can also be used for installing block or brick edging.

Re-Defining Rotor

Re-Defining Rotor

Used for redefining beds. Trenches 3" deep and slopes into the bed 3". Designed as BedMaster alternative for exising beds. Costs less, digs faster and requires less clean up.

Rock Rotor

Rock Rotor

Used for areas of heavy, scattered rock conditions. Requires 4 replaceable tungsten carbide rock points for operation (sold separately). Trenches 1-1/2" wide by 4", 5" or 7" deep.

Stump Master Rotor

StumpMaster Rotor

Used to remove small stumps up to 3-1/2" below the ground surface and no higher than 6" above the ground. May also be used for removing large surface roots.

Root Pruner Rotor

Root Pruner Rotor

Used for pruning roots close to sidewalks, driveways, cart paths or other paved areas, preventing concrete damage. Also used for installing electronic dog fencing, and burying irrigation control wires or lines for low voltage lighting.

Curbing Rotor

Curbing Rotor

Used to repare the bed for concrete curbing machine. It digs a 2" deep by 9" wide trench.

Re-Defining Rotor Re-Defining Rotor Re-Defining Rotor Re-Defining Rotor







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