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Dual Split 3 point Tractor Mount

TMH1315 (Up to 13 tons) Horizontal Operation

The 3 Point 2-Way log splitter attaches to a category 1 tractor 3-pt. hitch and uses tractor's hydraulics to operate the cylinder. Innovatively designed unit splits in both directions, saving time and increasing productivity. Hydraulic hoses connecting from log splitter valve to tractor are not included.



Operation Horizontal
Size 43"L x 34"W x 20"H
Splitting Force Up to 13 Tons
Max PSI 3,000
Splitting Height Tractor Dependant
Cycle Time 10 Seconds @ 3 GPM
Beam 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" Fabricated Tube
Wedge 6" High carbon steel dual blade
Max Log Length 19"
Max Log Diameter 12"
Cylinder Size 3" x 18" clevis type, 1.75" rod
Hydraulic Capacity 1.5 gal. (cylinder & hoses)
Shipping Weight 143 lbs
• 1/2" Male NPT Fittings required for valve connection
• Recommended for logs up to 19” long
• Recommended for 2 to 100 cords per season
• Dual splitting action cuts time in half





Standard Equipment

6 Inch High Carbon Steel Blade Standard Equipment

6" High Carbon Steel Blade

Split logs in either direction with this durable blade. Designed to handle logs up to 19" in diameter. Ultimately cutting your work time by 50%.





Log Tray Standard Equipment

Log Tray

Reduce the amount of work needed to pick up logs. The log tray is designed to catch logs immediately after splitting which means it saves you from a sore back. The tray can easily be removed if desired, when traveling from each destination.


Hose Kit Accessory

Hose Kit


Two (2) hydraulic hoses, 10 ft. long, preassembled with the necessary fittings to attach your Brave 3-point log splitter to most tractors. One end is equipped with a male 1/2 NPT fitting. The other end is equipped with a male quick-connect fitting.




MAG1 Lithium Grease

Mag1 Lithium Grease (14 oz. tube)

ITEM# MAG00713

Suitable for use in a wide variety of applications that do not require anti-wear or extreme pressure agents.




Mag1 ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil Accessory

Mag1 ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil (2.5 gal)

ITEM# 10366.WAR

Specially formulated hydraulic fluid.






MAG1 10W30 Oil

Mag1 10W30 Oil (1 quart)

ITEM# MAG61648

Conventional 10W-30 Motor Oil. Formulated for older vehicles and/or high-temperature climates, if thicker oil is preferred.





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