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37 Ton Log Splitter

VH1737GX 37 Ton Vertical/Horizontal Operation

This professional quality log splitter is designed for tough applications in both vertical and horizontal positions. An attractive powder coated finish provides the finest protection available, and BRAVE’s rigid quality control and component testing help ensure years of productive, reliable service.


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Engine Honda GX270, 270cc
Operation Horizontal and Vertical
Dislodger Standard
Size 95"L x 44"W x 43"H
Splitting Force 37 Tons
Splitting Height 30"
Cycle Time 14 Seconds
Beam 6" Heavy-Duty I-Beam
Wedge 8" High carbon steel
Log Opening 25"
Cylinder Size 5" x 24" clevis type, 2" rod
Hydraulic System 9 gal. capacity
Hitch 2"
Towing Speed 45 MPH
Shipping Weight 550 lbs
• Recommended for logs up to 25" long
• Recommended for 2 to 500 cords per season
• Splitting action pushes Wedge thru the logs





Universal Log Splitter Engine Guard Accessory

Engine Guard

ITEM# 795172

Protect your log splitter's engine while splitting.






Universal Log Splitter Fender Kit Accessory

Fender Kit

ITEM# 795171

Protect your log splitter's tires while splitting.






Universal Log Splitter Cover Accessory

Universal Log Splitter Cover


Protect your log splitter from the elements with this heavy-duty cover. it's built to withstand the harsh weather conditions all while keeping your log splitter protected.




MAG1 Lithium Grease

Mag1 Lithium Grease (14 oz. tube)

ITEM# MAG00713

Suitable for use in a wide variety of applications that do not require anti-wear or extreme pressure agents.




Mag1 ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil Accessory

Mag1 ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil (2.5 gal)

ITEM# 10366.WAR

Specially formulated hydraulic fluid.






MAG1 10W30 Oil

Mag1 10W30 Oil (1 quart)

ITEM# MAG61648

Conventional 10W-30 Motor Oil. Formulated for older vehicles and/or high-temperature climates, if thicker oil is preferred.





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