All BRAVE log splitters are Made in The USA! Premium components, manufactured in our Midwest production facility, deliver industry-leading quality and customer satisfaction. BRAVE has a complete product line with a log splitter for every application and budget.


EZ Split Series

Two splitters to choose from; perfect for homeowners, campers, hunters, fishermen and all those folks that enjoy a fire on the weekend. Compact and portable, yet capable of splitting many cords per season!



PCLS13BS (8 ton) Horizontal Operation

EZ is the word! Why split by hand when you can roll this unit out of the shed or garage, fire it up,
and get to splitting? Portable and compact, lightweight and powerful!




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BRAVE 15 Ton

PCLS1513GC (15 ton) Horizontal Operation

Still EZ, but bigger, faster and towable. Check out the specifications to see why this log splitter
may be the perfect unit for you!




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Dual Split series

More efficient than traditional log splitters.


BRAVE 20 Ton

PCLS2013GC (20 Ton) Horizontal Operation

BRAVE offers a new unit aimed to cut your time in half. This log splitter is designed to
split logs in both directions.




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XR Series

Delivers BRAVE quality in a value-priced, American-made log splitter.



XR1322 (22 ton) Vertical/Horizontal Operation

All the features you need, powered by a Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine.




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VH Series

Proven design, outstanding power and performance, with a Honda engine!


BRAVE 22 Ton

VH1322 (22 ton) Vertical/Horizontal Operation

Our best-selling log splitter, check out the specifications and the video to see why
this machine may be perfect for you.




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BRAVE 26 Ton

VH1326 (26 ton) Vertical/Horizontal Operation

Increased power for those with challenging splitting applications.




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BRAVE 34 Ton

VH1334 (34 ton) Vertical/Horizontal Operation

Top of the line BRAVE unit. This machine delivers ultimate splitting force, in a strong,
well-balanced log splitter. Commercial grade features in a retail value machine.




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Tractor Mount Series

For all your splitting needs, right on the back of your own tractor!


BRAVE 20 Ton Dual Split

TMH2015 Horizontal Operation

The 3 Point 2-Way log splitter attaches to a category 1 tractor 3-pt. hitch and uses tractor's hydraulics
to operate the cylinder.




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