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XR1322 (22 ton) Vertical/Horizontal Operation

Value-priced, American-made 22 ton log splitter, features convenient Vertical and Horizontal splitting positions that make it easy to split all diameters of logs, up to 24” long. The XR1322 is the perfect full-featured model for the homeowner wanting both Quality and Value. Powered by a Briggs & Stration Engine.


Recommended for logs up to 24" long

Recommended for 2 to 100 cords per season

Splitting action pushes wedge thru the logs

  • Engine: 190cc Briggs & Stratton
  • Operation: Horizontal and Veritcal
  • Dislodger: Standard
  • Size: 81" long x 36" high x 39" wide
  • Splitting Force: 22 tons
  • Splitting Height: 27"
  • Cycle Time: 15 seconds
  • Beam: 3" x 6" reinforced heavy-duty tubing
  • Wedge: 6" High carbon steel
  • Log Opening: 25"
  • Cylinder Size: 4" x 24" clevis type cylinder, 1.75” rod
  • Hydraulic System: 5.4 gal. capacity
  • Hitch: 2"
  • Shipping Weight: 440 lbs.


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Features and Accessories


Standard Equipment

Log Dislodger - Model BR021172

Helps eject any log that sticks to slide wedge Protects control valve and other hydraulic components. Rugged construction to last the life of your log splitter. Mounts easily to splitter rail – all hardware included, no drilling or welding required.


Log Cradle - Formed Beam - Model BR021181

Fits BRAVE 22 and 26 ton formed beam models Catches split logs Serves as work bench for larger logs Made of heavy-duty 7 gauge steel Mounts easily to rail - all hardware included, no drilling or welding required.

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Log Cradle

Catches split logs. Serves as work bench for larger logs. Each shelf is adjustable up to 45 degrees to accommodate various sized logs.